Show Promoter: Jason Weigler

Jason Weigler who formerly founded and operated the Fort Worth Militaria Show for 9 years is the promoter of this show. If you ever attended one those shows, you know Jason ran a top notch show with great vendors from across the country as well as from the Southwest. These vendors offer a wide variety of quality militaria items for the discerning collector.

Each show also featured a number of well known veterans who in their attendance signed autographs and sold books they had written.

Just a small list of some previous VIP guests included:
Tex Hill, Flying Tigers
Dick Cole, Doolittle Raider
Dutch Van Kirk, Navigator of the Enola Gay
James Megallas, DSC, Hill Company 504th PIR 82nd Airborne
Micheal Thornton, MOH, Navy Seal Vietnam
Don Doc Ballard, MOH, Navy Corpsman Vietnam
Lt.Col. Walt Dyer, 389th BG 8th AF B-24 35 missions WWII
JB Stokes, Easy Company 506th PIR 101st Airborne
Bill Nagase, Japanese Kamikaze Pilot Cherry Blossom Squadron
Tuskegee Airmen
Fisk Handley, POW B-29, 398th BS 504th BG 20th AF WWII
Terrace Kirk POW, USMC WWII
Col Dean Detar, AFC A1 Skyraider Pilot Vietnam
Max Minton 449th BG B-24 top turret gunner WWII
Lt Bob Sole USN pilot
John Hooper 29th Division D-Day WWII
Karl King, POW, USMC Corregidor, China Marines, WWII
WASP Pilot
And Many More ....